Short Break Fostering


Short Break Fostering

Thinking of fostering but not sure you can commit to it full-time? Short Break Fostering might be just what you are looking for.

Short break fostering involves providing regular short breaks for a child or young person who you are carefully matched with. 

This type of fostering typically suits people who would like to foster but also continue to work full or part-time or who maybe considering taking up fostering full-time but what to build up there experience first.

Who can be a short break carer?

First of all you do need to have a spare room but you do also need to be able to commit to providing regular short breaks and building a relationship with a child or young person.

Most people can be short break carers and we have foster carers from all different types of backgrounds. You don't need to have had your own children you just need to want to make a difference to a child or young persons life.

What are the different types of short breaks?

  • General Short Breaks - for children who are already looked after by the local authority to provide a break for the child but also for the foster carer.
  • Disability Short Breaks - for a child who may be at home or who may be with full-time foster carers.
  • Resilience Short Breaks - to provide our Resilience Foster Carers and the children they care for with a regular short break.
  • Adoption Short Breaks - to support adopters and their children who may be going through a difficult time with their child.
  • Edge of Care Fostering - to provide a family with the opportunity to have some breathing space in a time of crisis or stress so that a young person remains living at home.

How often do the short breaks take place?

Typically one weekend a month which is planned in advance with you but can also be during school holidays.

Edge of Care is slightly different, it can be a short break but for up to 12 weeks.

I'm interested - what happens next?

Call now for a fostering information pack 0800 169 2061 or enquire online, we'll take your details and invite you to attend one of our fostering information meetings.

Go on, what's stopping you - it's only one weekend a month!