Emily's Poem

Poets 3

A Family

Family –

It isn’t always easy, is it?

Maybe affection becomes somewhere lost

Under lego-strewn bedroom floors

And below a parental nag

Maybe care for each other sits haphazardly

Between stools of rivalry and raised voice expectation


So I ask you

To imagine

Like a DO-NOT-PRESS klaxoned button hovering just below your eyes

A muting of this annoyance


Where the brushed-teeth repetition of routine

Could be the naked bathroom glare of loneliness

Where the five-minutes-more bedtime tango

Might be the frozen emptiness of unfamiliar bedsheets in unfamiliar houses

Where the tug-of-war battle of sibling possession

Is the half-slumber panic of reaching for your sister

When she is county distances away


And so, I ask you to imagine

In the face of a devastation both irreversible and unwanted

The tunnels-end light of hope that could appear in an outstretched hand

An opened door

A familiar Good Night endearment

Picture the paths of encouragement that open for a fostered child

Who needs help

But expects nothing.


Family –

It’s not always simple, is it?

But in its numerous guises and unlimited forms

It’s always important

And always deserved.


© By Emily Rose Galvin, Staffordshire Poet Laureate