Change a future


Could you change a child’s future?

Look back over your own life. Can you pick out any key moments which shaped who you are today?

A child’s path through life can hinge on seemingly mundane things; a quiet word of encouragement, being asked by mum to help her fix the car, that time they were given their first set of paints. Little things have a surprising power to influence a child’s future.

For local children in the county council’s care without a stable family life these special moments can be fewer. And there are so many children in our care. We currently have 1,100 in Staffordshire.

So, while you think about how you could be there for a child, be their inspiration and guide through life, here is what our Foster Carers say about working with us.

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We have also worked with Staffordshire's Young Poet Laureate and also Staffordshire's Poet Laureate who have both written poems to celebrate Family especially for Foster Care Fortnight.

You can read them here

Lily's Poem

Emily's Poem