Dee's Story

Name:  Dee Dee Karim

Type of foster carer: Short-term

Family situation: Single parent of two sons and two adopted daughters

"I became a foster carer because whilst working in a school I met children who needed foster care.  It made me realise that the children that needed stable families weren’t somewhere else - they were right here in my community.

"I fostered with a private agency for a while, but something didn't quite feel right.  I decided to approach Staffordshire County Council and I haven't looked back!

"I’ve been fostering with Staffordshire County Council for six years now.  They treat everyone equally and I felt comfortable with them straight away.  The support and training they offer is brilliant.  Even though I am a single carer I don't feel alone, someone is always there to support me.

"People say to me 'how can you do it', they think that it's harder than it is.  With Staffordshire County Council I am confident that everything my family and the children we foster, need is in place. 

"The children are amazing, they learn from us, we learn from them.  It’s a mutual thing." 

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