Resilience Fostering

You could be a Resilience Carer with Staffordshire County Council

Resilience Fostering

There are many different types of fostering but it looks like you could be a resilience foster carer.

What is fostering?

You’ve probably heard of foster care - where someone looks after a child for a period of time because they can’t stay with their birth parents.

Resilience foster care takes this a step further.

What is resilience foster care?

It’s a unique fostering opportunity where carers provide long term, family based placements for young people aged 8-18 years old who currently live in residential care.

By welcoming him/her into your home and your family, you would help to build resilience in all aspects of their life: providing a secure base, encouraging friendships, promoting education, nurturing positive values, developing social competence and inspiring the young person’s talent and interests.

Can I be a resilience foster carer?

You or your partner need to:

  • Have experience of supporting young people with behavioural and emotional problems.
  • Provide a young person with a bedroom of their own.
  • Dedicate your skills to the full time care of a young person.
  • Don't have any other young people under 18 living with you.

You don’t need to :

  • Be Married or in a relationship 
  • Be Heterosexual  
  • Be an existing foster carer.

Read Tom's story  and find out what it's really like to be a Resilience Foster Carer.

Why foster Staffordshire County Council?

  • Because you're living near children who need your help
  • Because we don’t make a profit from fostering
  • Because we pay up to £675 per week (as at 31/3/17)
  • Because our ‘Ofsted’ rating is Outstanding due to the support we give to our foster carers

Information Requests

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