Fostering for Adoption - A Birth Parents Guide

Fostering for Adoption

Your child’s social worker may talk to you about Fostering for Adoption.

Fostering for Adoption enables a child to be placed with approved adopters who act as foster carers while the legal proceedings regarding your child are completed. This means that if the court decides that your child should be placed for adoption he/she would be able to remain with these carers who would become his/her adoptive parents and not need to move to another placement. This does not pre-empt the Court’s decision, the legal process will still decide whether or not your child will be returned to your care or to your extended family’s care.

Fostering for Adoption means that your child may be placed with their prospective adoptive parents at a much earlier stage, possibly even straight from hospital and this will avoid your child having to move from Foster Carers to Adoptive Parents.

Fostering for Adoption carers are assessed and approved as suitable to be Adoptive Parents, who can undertake the fostering role initially.

More information is contained within the following guide.

PDF Document Fostering for Adoption - A Guide for Birth Parents (226kb)