Who needs an adoptive family?

Who are we looking for?

In Staffordshire the list of children waiting for a family changes every day.

There is always a shortage of families for sibling groups of 2 or more children, older children of 4 years plus, children with disabilities or uncertainty about their development. We aim to place children of ethnic minority background with adopters who share some of the same aspects of their culture and race. Therefore we particularly welcome families who meet the needs of Black, Asian and mixed heritage children who tend to wait longer for a family than white children of the same age. In most of these circumstances unfortunately because of the shortage of these type of adoptive families, it means we often have to look outside of Staffordshire to place these children.

Girl and Boy Siblings

With younger children we do have roughly an equal mix of boys and girls waiting, however boys over the age of 4 years old do tend to wait longer than girls to be placed with a family.

Most of the children waiting will have experienced some form of neglect or abuse. All will have had some degree of loss so will require a family who can offer them security and extra care to help them develop and reach their full potential.

How we prioritise enquiries

At every stage of the adoption process we have to prioritise our work according to the needs of the children looking for families. When demand is high for a specific age group or ethnicity we give priority to those applicants who pay their council tax to and live in Staffordshire.