Catherine's Story

Adopters Catherine and Andy share their adoption storyDad playing with kids

One of our adoptive parents, Catherine, who along with her husband adopted two brothers aged two and five about 18 months ago, tells us why her decision to adopt siblings was so worthwhile:

“We couldn’t have children the conventional way, and for us we saw the opportunity to adopt as a real opportunity to create a family. We wanted to look after some brothers or sisters, to keep them together, and that was a real attraction to us.

“Although we jumped in at the deep end – going from no children to two lively gorgeous boys, it’s been fabulous. Of course we all had to adjust. They were coming to somewhere new and we all needed to get used to one another. Because they had a difficult start, they would naturally sometimes get cross. I remember once receiving a phone call from my husband to tell me that they had emptied the contents of their bedroom down the stairs, including their mattresses.

“Some things were challenging and the process can be emotional, but I can honestly say it was so worth it. To us, we are providing what everyone needs, and that’s a home, a home for as long as you want it. We all need unconditional love and a place to belong, and I think that’s what’s going to give my boys the start that they need in life.

“I would absolutely adopt again and my advice to those people thinking about doing it would be to make the call – it doesn’t actually commit you to anything but it helps make it more real in your own mind and it could be the best thing that you ever do.”

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