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Experienced Foster Carers

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Staffordshire Fostering Service continues to regularly accept approved foster carers from other Fostering Agencies. If you are currently approved you will be fast tracked through our process as we know you have the skills we need.

We have many carers joining us from Independent Fostering agencies; this can be for a number of reasons, such as placement matching . As a Staffordshire Foster Carer you will be allocated your own Social Worker who will support and guide you the through the fostering process and you will have access to a comprehensive network of support groups and local training opportunities.

If you are approved and would like to join an outstanding authority who can provide a comprehensive package of training and support, regular support events and competitive payments then enquire online today!

Independent Foster Carers FAQ’s

Will I get more money by joining an Independent Foster Agency?

No. Staffordshire Fostering Service is able to compete and indeed sometimes better the payments offered by Independent Fostering Agencies.

Will I have to wait a long time for a placement?

When we need to place Staffordshire children in care we first look to see if Staffordshire foster carers can provide a suitable match; only if we cannot find a match with our foster carers would we seek to place children with independent Fostering Agencies. Foster carers in Staffordshire are always considered first and currently nearly all foster placements available are being used.

I am currently approved foster carer, how do I join Staffordshire?

You will need to inform your agency of your intention and then complete our enquiry form. We will then request permission from you to speak to your agency. Once that is returned we will contact the agency to view your Form F assessment.

As a Staffordshire Foster carer you will be allocated your own Social Worker who will support and guide you the through the fostering process.

  1. Staffordshire is an ‘Outstanding’ Fostering Service (OFSTED)
  2. Excellent training packages including nationally recognised qualifications
  3. A high level of satisfaction from experienced foster carers
  4. 4. We can put you in touch with Staffordshire carers who will tell you what it is like to foster for Staffordshire and about the support that we provide
  5. Fantastic local support groups and access to psychological services